Announcing new Therabis Treat Supplements
Announcing new Therabis Treat Supplements

Announcing new Therabis Treat Supplements

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Therabis nutritional hemp supplements have been helping dogs with their itching, stress and joint immobility for nearly a decade. But sometimes your dog needs a cannabinoid boost without the calories (or hassle) of an additional meal. New Therabis Treat Supplements offer more than convenience – they offer an effective system for fast-acting, as-needed CBD relief.

Cannabinoids are inefficient to digest

Cannabinoids like CBD are not water soluble, which affects how they are absorbed by your dog’s body. Cannabinoids can form globs in your dog’s digestive tract, like oil behaves in water. These globs might also stick to the indigestible fiber often found in baked dog treats and foods, building even larger globs that your dog’s digestive system needs to break down to access the nutrients. And in some cases, this binding process altogether blocks access to the cannabinoids. The time-consuming and inefficient digestion of these globs is why many CBD products can take 5 days or more to notice a change in your dog.


New formula speeds digestion

The veterinary and science team at Therabis has developed the new Treat Supplements to overcome this delay to offer a CBD treatment that is fast-acting, so your dog can feel the benefits within the first hour. They used sunflower lecithin, a natural, non-GMO emulsifier to prevent Therabis’ cannabinoids from forming globs in your dog’s digestive tract. These smaller particles boost the availability of the cannabinoids for absorption. Therabis treat supplements are also cold-pressed and not baked, eliminating the indigestible fiber found in most baked dog treats – further maximizing our cannabinoids’ availability and speeding their delivery to the bloodstream. Faster delivery means faster results.

Post-digestion levels drop-off

After your dog’s body digests cannabinoids (or any other nutrient), it enters the bloodstream and becomes available for use by cells throughout the body. CBD levels in your dog’s body peak shortly after absorption, and decline over time as it is used by cells. Because the new Treat Supplements digest more efficiently, their effects are felt more quickly but then fade more quickly than our powdered supplements, making them the perfect pick-me-up for your dog.

Their fast activity make the new Calm and Quiet Treat Supplements a valuable tool to help any dog through their stressful situations, while the new Happy and Healthy Treat Supplement is a great way to add cannabinoids to any dog’s health regiment. And for dogs already on any Therabis daily supplement powder, the new treat supplements offer a way to maintain the CBD levels in your dog’s body in between meals, without adding additional meals to consume the dose.


Now when a thunderstorm is rolling in, during a long car trip or to just support your dog’s overall health you can reach for a bag of CBD treat supplements. What’s more, you can also use the new treat supplements as a healthy treat any time.

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